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Acid/Pollen/Sugar Feeding Rims

Acid/Pollen/Sugar Feeding Rims
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Acid/Sugar/Pollen Rims are used in conjunction with certain mite medications, or for feeding through winter. The rim lifts your top cover 1.3/8" and adds for air movement around the medication so the medication works more effectively, or allows bees to access food. Also works well when feeding pollen or pollen substitute in the spring.

     A tip you may not find anywhere else but right here is;   Remove your top cover along with inner cover if you use one,  place rim on top box.  Lay a single sheet of newspaper over the rim, covering the whole rim.  Take a 10lb bag of table sugar and pour on to the paper.  The sugar will settle down in the rim and the paper will hold it in place on top of the frames.  The sugar will absorb any moisture from the bees,  the sugar will harden as it takes on the moisture.  By doing so when the bees eat through the paper the sugar will be hard so it will not fall down onto the bees.  The bees will take moisture back out of the sugar along with feed from it if need be.  If the bees do not eat all the sugar use it to make sugar water in spring.  Please call if you have questions.  1-800-342-4811. 


Works with these medications                                                                                                                        

  ApiGuard, Formic Acid ( MAQS), Winter patties, Sugar Patties, any other feed or medication that lays on top of the frames.                                                                                                                                       



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Acid/Pollen/Sugar Feeding Rims
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Acid/Pollen/Sugar Feeding Rims
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