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Bee Equipment Essentials

Bee Equipment Essentials
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By Ed Simon

Wicwas Essentials Series


There is something in this book for you whether you are a new beekeeper or an “Old Smoke”


Build your own hive stands, bottom boards, entrance reducers, hive bodies (brood boxes and supers), inner covers, telescoping covers and feeders. Build a variety of nucleus hives. Or build your own top bar hive.


Build frames and bars for queen production, build a Cloake board.


Make your own honey extractor and tools to help you process honey.


Capture swarms with devices you build from inexpensive equipment.


Build these items from materials you “recycle” in a dumpster dive; enjoy building things you never dreamed you needed, like jigs,that hold equipment together during assembly.


Build a solar wax extractor and harvest the wax found in wax scraps and old combs.


Bee Culture Magazine Author Ed Simon shares his “How to” approach to bee equipment construction in a clear step-by-step manner. Even if you never build bee equipment, this book will help you understand how to assemble and use many useful beekeeping tools.


143 pages

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Bee Equipment Essentials
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