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Amino B Booster

Amino B Booster
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(Lemongrass and Spearmint Oil Concentrate)

AMINO B BOOSTER™ - Helps Your Bees Thrive


** Uses for early spring feeding and brood build-up for pollination to

      maximize production.

** Use to rapidly build up packages, nucs and swarms.

** Use for feeding bees during times of colony dwindling, late winter, mid-summer, and droughts.

** Provides all amino acids needed for healthy nurse bees and for production of high quality

      bee milk and royal jelly for queen production.

** To build and strengthen weak colonies; especially following Nosema  ceranae attack or after

      pesticide injury.

** Use as a ’protein drench’ when bees take pollen patties very slowly: spray or

      drizzle the Amino-B Booster™ and HBH into the brood area.

** Reduce ‘protein stress’ - when bees are producing brood and available pollen sources are

     limited in quantity and quality of essential amino acids.


Using only certified ingredients, AMINO-B-BOOSTER™ is produced in a modern,

state-of-the-art, FDA-licensed food manufacturing facility under strict 2GMP guidelines.


The user assumes full liability of use.


A897 - 1 pint



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Amino B Booster
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Amino B Booster
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