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Colony Quilt 1 - 3 Deep Colony

Colony Quilt 1 - 3 Deep Colony
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Model: HD847
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One 27" x 75" piece to wrap one colony

The best manufactured winter packing available. Developed, produced for, and available only from B & B Honey Farms.

Indestructible: Can't break, crack or deteriorate from exposure to sun, snow, ice or water.  Ultra-violet treated.

Easy to Install: Reduce labor to wrap a colony or group of colonies to a matter of seconds.  Staple, tape, lath or tie onto your colonies.

Lightweight: 225 foot roll weighs only a few pounds and is easy to store and transport. / HD 848 225' roll.

Flexible: Easy to adapt to any size or type of equipment without special preperations or loss in effictiveness.

R - Value of 3.7: Not just a windbreak, this wrap actually holds heat in resulting in looser clusters and better over-wintering.

Inexpensive: Wrap your colonies for less than other methods. 


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