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PACKAGED BEES BEING SHIPPED: Packaged bees are shipped US Postal Service, Priority Mail Ground Transportation, ONLY. YOU MUST SELECT 3-DAY UPS FOR THE SHIPPING OPTION,  THIS WAY THE CORRECT POSTAGE & INSURANCE WILL BE ADDED  TO EACH ORDER.  Packages that are shipped will be stopped at your local post office and you will be given a phone call from your local postmaster letting you know they are there for pick-up. You, the customer, will have to pick these packages up and inspect the package in front of your postmaster to insure your Honey Bees arrived in good condition. This procedure needs to be followed correctly in order to process any insurance claims that may arise. **Roughly 2 weeks prior to ship-out of your packages, you will receive instructions on this along with your bee invoice, original receipt, and instructions on how to hive your package(s) once it arrives.

QUEENS: Queens will be shipped US Postal Service, Priority Mail.  Queens are held at your local post office for pick up there. The postmaster will be instructed to call you when they come.  We can ship queens Express Mail as well,  if you would like this option please call us at 1-800-342-4811 to place your order.


INSURANCE: Only packages shipped to zones 2-4 will be insured. Zone 5 would be shipped at your own risk. Zones 6-8 cannot be shipped by U.S.P.S.

SHIPPING FEES: Due to our shopping cart limitations, the shipping options indicated at check out may not reflect the actual shipping method used for LIVE BEES. Due to these limitations, the shipping cost calculated on your invoice at check out may not be accurate. Therefore when shipping costs are calculated you may be charged an additional shipping fee or even given credit applied to your account.

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Honey Bees - Packages 3lb
Honey Bees - Packages 3lb
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Honey Bees - Packages 2lbs
Honey Bees - Packages 2lbs
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