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Packaged Bees Hiving Instructions


1) Have ready: 1 hive body with frames, bottom board, top cover, entrance reducer, feeder pail with 1:1 sugar water, spray bottle, with the same sugar mix in it, and a pollen patty.

2) If your package arrives before you can hive it, keep it in a cool and dark place. Hive it ASAP!

3) To hive the packages:

a) Remove the middle 4-5 frames

b) Slide one of the remaining frames left in the box to the center.

c) Lightly spray the bees through the cage, just enough to get their wings wet. DO NOT DRENCH BEES.

d) Knock the bees down in the cage by hitting the package onto the ground.

e) Quickly spray the bees again to wet the ones from the center that have fallen.

f) Remove the syrup can from the center of the package with your hive tool or pocket knife.

g) Slide metal clip over to center and pull queen cage out. In cool or rainy weather, put her in your pocket to keep her warm. If warm you can lay the queen cage on top of the remaining frames. Keep her caged until all bees are out of the cage. Make sure you do this quickly!

h) Pour bees from the cage into the hive, you may need to knock it on the ground again to get remaining bees out.

i) Carefull add the frames back into the box. The bees will crawl up onto them.

j) Two ways you can put the queen in:

1) Very lightly spray the queen to wet her wings only so she can't fly away. Keep her close to the open hive, pull back screen, place cage onto one of the frames and let her walk out down into the box.


2) Remove the cork from the cage with candy in the hole, place hole sealed with candy down into the hive. The bees will chew through the candy and release her. If no candy is in the cage, have a marshmallow to stuff in the hole.

k) Place the pollen patty on top of the frames so it will not block the hole on the inner cover.

l) Put the inner cover on and place feeder pail over the hole. Add a box to conceal the feeder. Place cover back on top.

4) Return the next day to make sure the bees are getting feed and it is not leaking out.

5) Return again 4-6 days later with more sugar water to refill the feeder.

6) The bees will slow down or stop taking the syrup when enough nectar is able to be gathered naturally. You can remove the feeder at this time.

7) Do not let them get crowded or they will swarm.

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