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Bee Go

Bee Go
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Price: $22.50
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Model: HD876
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An effective fast method for removing your honey crop.  Just apply a small amount to a fume pad.  Place on top of the hive and the chemical forces the bees down and out of your honey supers.  All brands of this product have a strong odor.  Care should be taken in handling and storage.  

When shipping this product it must be packaged into a 2 gallon pail to avoid spills,  this is the only way it can be sent ! as this product is ORMD.


As with all of our products that have a drop down box, the price listed for the gallon of Bee Go is in addition the the single unit price. 

Bee Go can only ship Spee-Dee Delivery OR UPS GROUND.  If you select USPO extra shipping charges will be applied, you order will be held for full payment.

If the 5 - 1 gallon price break does not show up in your cart the order will get adjusted on our end and you will get an updated e-mail stating the revised price.


Gallons...$115.50 HD877

5 - 1 Gallon Jugs $107.50 ea  HD877 qty 5 

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Bee Go
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Bee Go
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Bee Go
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