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Fume Pad

Fume Pad
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Price: $18.95
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Model: HD878
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For safe and easy application of BeeGo or BeeQuick.  This board has a metal cover and a felt liner on the inside.  The board has the same outside dimensions as a hive body and the rim is 1 3/8" deep so burr comb cannot touch the cloth.  Fume boards work best when warm, so paint the top black. This product comes completely assembled. 


>Place your fume board in the sun, metal side up to warm it.

>Smoke the hive entrance, and spray Bee-Quick or Bee GO onto the cloth of the fume board, using a zigzag pattern.

>Spray evenly over the entire surface of the cloth. DO NOT SPRAY TOO MUCH.

>Remove outer and inner covers. Smoke the bees on top bars. Place the fume board on the top super, avoiding large gaps.

>The super should be clear in 3 to 5 minutes. Repeat for each super, only spraying more when you notice that the fumes have subsided. If many bees exit the hive, you have used far too much. Remove the fume board more quickly. Use Less Next Time.

>If you want to harvest your honey on a very cloudy day, you may want to try a breeze board.



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